About Us

Why Leif LED?

Leif LED is an expanding lighting company located in Michigan's capitol city. The research, design and manufacturing is all based in Michigan. At Leif LED, we focus on both residential and commercial lighting products, with the goal of saving our customers money and conserving energy, therefore helping the planet.

The goal of Leif LED is to make the most luminous led lamps with the highest quality and value.  LED lighting product standards today are at an efficiency of 70-95 Lumen/Watt. High efficiency lighting products range from 115-140 Lumen/Watt. In 2014, Leif LED manufactured products at 147 Lumen/Watt with a few products on the market. Today, in 2016, Leif LED has product efficiency capabilities of 180+ Lumen/Watt with dozens of products being sold throughout the U.S. At Leif LED we address the 24/7 running requirements applied to LED products. We have a product rating of 24/7, 365 days a year with a 5 year warranty. We use a high quality aluminum in the base of our LED's, therefore, wasted energy is dispersed effectively as heat through the base of the LED instead of into the bulb. This keeps your fixtures cool and reduces energy waste. However, several DOE demonstrations have shown that reduced maintenance costs from an LED's extended lifetime, rather than energy savings, is the primary factor in determining the payback for an LED product. Purchase Leif today help us make the future of lighting brighter.

Also, after a decade of research and development relating to indoor agriculture with LED's focusing on photosynthesis reactions to a complex spectrum, we have produced a successful grow light. This lighting is meant for growing fruits and vegetables indoors, saving the plants from having to be affected by insects, pesticides and drought.

"We decided to get started in Lansing. Green Manufacturing has been growing across Michigan and Lansing's existing manufacturing infrastructure, central location, and strong workforce made it an obvious choice... Our overriding goal is working to bring all of the different manufacturing markets here, in Lansing, while keeping the Highest Quality and Efficiency products possible. From aluminum to plastics, we are growing manufacturing, to keep jobs here in Lansing.”
    - Toby Leifker, President and CEO of Leif LED